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The RBSPL Work-in-Process Control solution enables you to Label, Track and Trace WIP inventory by individually serialized unit.

You can track WIP units at a granular level, eliminate spreadsheets, and have real-time production data at your fingertips 24/7, to better control scheduling and resources, reduce waste, and increase the efficiency of your plant operations.

Highlights of RBSPL WIP Control:

  • Prints serialized WIP tracking labels on-demand
  • Tracks WIP at a granular level, by serialized unit
  • Automates Production Reporting via scanning, weigh scales or PLCs
  • Real-time WIP inquiries by Part, Location, Qty, Work Order, Production Date, S/N, etc.
  • Optional WIP FIFO control
  • Assigns QC Holds by Lot / S/N
  • Verifies WIP Routing via scanning S/N
  • Inter-Plant Transfers Tracks WIP serial numbers shipped offsite for processing
  • Updates host ERP system automatically
  • Lot / Serial Traceability Creates serialized traceability from Receipt of Raw Material units into WIP

This module of the RBSPL Real-time Material Control System can be implemented as a standalone inventory solution, or in combination with other RBSPL Material Control System modules.

RBSPL Work-in-Process is a PC server-based solution that manages communications with all weigh scales, PLCs scanning and printing devices connected to the RBSPL WiFi network. It transacts with any host ERP system, providing real-time data exchange and automatic host updates.

For More Information, Download:

  • Plant Diagram of RBSPL Functionality from Receiving to Shipping
  • Flow Diagram of WIP Traceability with Critical Tracking Events
  • More Resources and White Papers
Real-time WIP Visibility

Make smarter planning decisions, and ensure critical resources are available to meet production schedules. You'll have access to current, accurate Work-in-Process information at a granular level instead of the summary data provided by ERP systems.

RBSPL WIP Control maintains a real-time database of production totals that you can access 24/7. If you're running a mult-shift operation, you can see:

  • Real-time Production totals: by Part Nbr, Work Order, Shift, Machine, Work Cell, etc.
  • Warehoused Work-in-Process units: by Part, location, quantity, serial number, status, etc.
  • Inter-Plant Transfers and Outsourced WIP: by serial number, location, etc.
  • Serialized WIP units on "QC Hold"
Electronic WIP Traceability

As a by-product of scanning serialized WIP inventory transactions, RBSPL creates a history of backward / forward WIP traceability data for easy data mining if a QC issue occurs.

These scanned transactions, or "Critical Tracking Events", are stored in the RBSPL Event Database and can be analyzed using standard data mining tools. They are the "Who, What, When, Where, Which " details you'll need to:

  • Pinpoint the start of a QC problem
  • Identify specific Lots / Serial numbers of affected WIP units
  • Analyze suspect WIP units by Part, Work Order, Machine, Run Date, Shift, etc.
  • Trace Backward to Raw Material components, Lots, Serial numbers, Suppliers, etc."
  • Trace Forward to Finished Goods Part Numbers, Lots, Serial numbers

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