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Lubrizol India Pvt. Ltd. Boosts Raw Material Control, Increases Inventory Traceability with RFID Technology

Lubrizol combine complex specialty, Chemical to optimize the performance, quality and value of their customer product, while reducing their environment impact. Their daily operations in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai Raw material warehouses require accuracy and proficiency as they receive the raw material in Drums, bags and then issue them to the shop floor on a daily basis.

As a part of raw material warehouse Management process Lubrizol receive ASN note (Advance Shipping Note) from their vendor 15 to 20 days in advance.
When the raw material arrives in Drums, they are unloaded from the Container with forklift. Each drum is physically counted and sorted batch wise. In one pallet there are four drums.

Then put away is done by moving the drum to a location which is assigned for that material. A GRN is than record in the ERP. When raw material is needed for production, Instruction is given to the forklift driver who then picks up the desired drum from the Raw material warehouse..

After completing this activity he is supposed to record this transaction in a book register as there is no warehouse supervisor It was found by Lubrizol that this being a paper-based inventory management system there's always used to be variation in Physical and computer stock.

One of the biggest issues for Lubrizol Warehouse operations was its dire need to improve inventory accuracy as the inventory management process they had in place was just not working.

Creating Inventory Control

Lubrizol knew a solution was necessary that would automate the Raw material warehouse process and ease their warehouse management dilemma. After a long and positive discussion with Rajkamal team it was decided to deploy RFID warehouse management technology.

In the new process after receiving the ASN note from the vendor the details are recorded in Inventory Management software. RFID hard tags are assigned to each product and then RFID Stags of same batch no's are stored in one box. In this way RFID tags with different batch no's are stored in multiple boxes. When the consignment is received, the drums are unloaded from the container and then are sorted batch wise. On each drum after verifying the batch no's RFID hard tags are placed on the top lif. When the Drums are moved by the forklift through the portal the RFID reader records the RFID tags on each drum and show the read count on a Digital display.

When the drums are issued from the warehouse to Shop floor, the tags are again moved through RFID portal, offering an easy, immediate reconcile of inventory. These tags are removed from the Drums and reused.

Expanding Future Control

This new process offered Lubrizol a streamlined, easy-to-implement solution that tracked inbound and outbound movement and was also quickly adopted by staff. "The RFID technology increased not Only efficiency for staff, but also our Profitability,"

In the future, not only is the company planning to roll out the Rajkamal RFID solution to other Raw material stores but also to their finished goods warehouse.

"The Rajkamal RFID solution has done an incredible job to increase the visibility Level of our supply chain processes. We've eliminated unnecessary costs and really streamlined our way of business. ," said Lubrizol India

At a Glance

Lubrizol India Pvt Ltd with factory in It was found in 1967 and is one of the Largest specialty chemical manufacturers.

Business Problem:
Variation in Physical and Book stock Of raw material resulting in stock out Or excess of material at time.

Increase in inventory traceability To reduce inventory variance No facility downtime

Raw Material Inventory management application from Rajkamal Barscan System Intermec IF2 readers, antennas, Confidex Survivor Tags

Increase visibility and efficiency


Maharashtra Border Check Post Network Limited (MBCPNL), Mumbai, India is a 100% owned subsidiary of Sadbhav Engineering Limited, India (a public listed company).

MBCPNL is the concessioner operator for 25+ years to build, operate, and manage all the 25+ Border Check Posts on borders of Maharashtra State which is in western India with major cities like "Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad & Nagpur. JNPT is one the busiest port of India which is in Maharashtra. Maharashtra has large road networks, which also connects southern states to the northern India resulting in thousands of commercial vehicles entering, exiting and crossing the borders of Maharashtra.

The modern Check Post facility created by MBCPNL allows fast and speedy clearance of commercial vehicles thru check posts using the latest technologies. The backbone of the technology is use of RFID which is Key in Identification of vehicles in no time when they arrive at the check posts and based on the data retrieved from robust and huge database from their own data centre clear the vehicles with help of multiple Government agencies.

Rajkamal was selected thru a very stringent acceptance and vendor selection procedure by HCL the SI & IT vendor of MBCPNL for supply, Erection, Integration & Maintenance of RFID Readers Model IF2 from Honeywell (then Intermec) and Antennas. Rajkamal till date has installed and erected approx 200 readers at 15 check posts by deploying a team of RFID Trained engineers.

Rajkamal's domain expertise was used and involved not only in supply and installation but also in sizing and suggesting the heights of Antenna mounting and positioning to optimize the reading from the 500,000 wind-shield mounted RFID Tags supplied by Rajkamal from Confidex, Finland the largest OEM for RFID Tags. To optimize the Readers settings to ensure round the clock 24X7X365 days of un-interrupted operations.

Rajkamal has a trained team of field engineers deployed to ensure timely resolution of faults in field, and by offering support centre facility 24X7 to diagnose, correct faults thru phone.

Rajkamal is very strongly backed by both OEM Companies namely "Honeywell (then Intermec) & Confidex" for continuous technology support, up gradation and local repair facility (for quick turnaround) to ensure 100% success story for this size of India's Vehicle Tracking/Identifying Project.

We all at Rajkamal are sincerely thankful to all at MBCPNL, HCL Technologies Ltd., Honeywell & Confidex for making this as a successful project without all these people's support which was impossible.

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